Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sugar Crash!

Why, oh why do I do it! I know I'll feel terrible the next morning - regret, guilt, churning stomach churning.....

In general, I am a very healthy eater. I stay away from the fast food, the fried food, the junk food and the soda. I eat lots of fruit, vegis, lean meats, whole grains - all the stuff that is good for you.

But, the one time of year that I chow down on the candy is Halloween. Something about that bowl of candy that the kids have brought home calls me, taunts me, seduces me to partake of it's sweet sugary goodness.

I really overdid it this year....How about you? Are you suffering from a sugar crash?


BetsyR said...

I wonder if that can be genetic. Halloween candy is one of my personal weaknesses. This year we didn't buy the candy until the 31st. Put it out to give to trick or treaters....only 3 came so we HAD to eat what was left and it was all gone by the next evening. Doesn't even work to buy something we don't like. Somehow, it all of the sudden looks really good.
Oh well, maybe next year we will turn off our lights and join in a local Fall Festival instead.

By the way, I happen to love the Crafty Cam.

siteseer said...

All I had to do was get test results back saying my sugar was slightly elevated. No sugar for me. lol. We gave out full size candy bars and I put them away in a cupboard so I wouldn't see them. Hubby DID know where they were and by now I'm sure they are all gone. Having a slightly excessive compulsive behavior (is that an oximoron?) I can turn something totally off I just can't have a little. Does that make sense? I enjoy your blog. Your videos are fun - I just learned how to do them if I can remember how lol. Have a fun one up now of my granddaughter reading outloud to herself. Very funny even if it is just for me.