Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cooler Weather Crafting...

I woke up this morning and the weather was downright chilly for us Southwesterners. The thermometer in my car said it was 50 degrees. I know that for some that is toasty, but when you have been acclimated to 110 degrees for the last 5 months, 50 degrees is cold!

Anyhow, this cooler weather has put me in the mood to really start my holiday crafting. I've been thinking about my past projects and how I can incorporate those into "homemade" gifts this year. I have already shared a couple with you on Crafty Cam. But I am full of ideas.

With the economy as it is, we will all be looking to save a buck this season. Be looking for simple and inexpensive crafting ideas on Crafty-Cam!

-Coming up on Crafty Cam is "Tasty Turkey Cookies"

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