Friday, November 21, 2008

Paper, Paper, and More Paper.

It seems like I have an unending supply of Holiday gift wrapping.

Each year I pick up a few more rolls at the after Christmas 90% off sales. They seem to multiply in my closets. The red wrap that you see in this picture.......circa 2002.

But, that's OK.

It is that time of year that I pull out all of the "gifty" things I also purchased at the last year's 90% off sales - that have also been sitting in my closets and multiplying - and begin wrapping.

I get an early start because I tend to wrap everything. Although there is a gift bag in this picture, I use very few of those. I like to wrap each gift because I love the element of surprise in unwrapping a gift. Seeing the anticipation on the receiver's face is in itself, a gift to me.

So, I may drive myself crazy with all of the holiday paper, but I know that my payoff will be in the joy I get from giving.

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