Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Autumn!

Happy Autumn!

Yes I know that the fall is almost half over, but here in my part of the desert southwest, we don't have much of an autumn.

We don't have any trees that change from green to beautiful reds and burnt oranges. We don't have the piles of fall leaves on the ground.

What we do have are cactus that shrivel, ocotillo that lose their leaves, and ragweed pollen that would choke a giraffe - does that make sense?

Anyway, as October is drawing to a close, our days are VERY SLOWLY getting cooler. Today's daytime temperature was only 94 degrees. Our evening temperatures are falling into the low 60's. It is almost time to put away our tank tops and shorts and take out our t-shirts and capri pants and enjoy very comfortable weather.

With turkey day just around the corner, we can finally get into the spirit of Autumn.

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