Saturday, December 6, 2008

Inexpensive gift Idea! Stamped T-shirts For About $10

I had to repeat this gift idea in a written post.

With money being tight for almost everyone right now, what better way to save money than to give a great homemade gift?

The T-shirt you see in the picture attached to this post (also the one I am wearing in the sidebar pic) cost only $10 to make. It is a shirt that can be worn all winter long. But the technique can be used on other clothing items as well and can be used to create gifts for other seasons as well.

The items you need for this project are:
T-shirt (long sleeve or short sleeve)
acrylic craft paint
fabric medium (found near the craft paint in stores)
Large stamps
gem-glue (optional)
crystals (optional)

Mix 2 parts paint to 1 part fabric medium. Paint the stamps evenly with the paint brushes. Stamp the fabric where desired, repainting stamp after each use. Let dry. Affix crystals with gem glue. The T-shirt can be laundered, however, wash in cold water with garment turned inside out. Lie flat or hang to dry.

For a demonstration, check out the Crafty-Cam video tutorial.

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